La Luna – Fan Art

Pixar La Luna Enrico Casarosa Fan Art

Tonight, as we watched Up, T.J. and I were inspired to create some fan art. 

Being that I’m sitting on the edge of my seat with excitement over the new Pixar short La Luna and the fact that we were outbid of the original watercolor by Director, Enrico Casarosa, I thought I would try my best to recreate it. I was a little rusty with watercolors as I haven’t used them since grade school, but Enrico’s original painting completely sparked my inspiration.

Pixar La Luna Fan Art Watercolor

T.J. is currently still working on his fan art — he is recreating the cover of The Art of Wall-e with his iPad. This will be his very first digital artwork! – Click here to see his finished Wall-e fan art.

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  1. Holy cow, this is amazing. Is there anyway I can get a high res copy of your artwork for my girlfriend, please? She's in love with this short!

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