Custom Pixar "Mickey" Ears

Custom Pixar Disney Mickey Ears

This past September we ventured to Disney World – one of our favorite places. I really wanted to have a pair of Pixar-themed “Mickey” ears and after doing some research searching to find the perfect set, I came back empty-handed. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands – I was going to create a pair of custom Pixar “Mickey” ears.

My creative process was a lengthy one, I mean how do you try to choose what Pixar-themed items to put on these “Mickey” ears. I had a laundry list of ideas, anywhere from the “I” logo from Incredibles to Nemo’s stripes.

I took my list of ideas with me to the local craft store and went in search of rhinestones. Once there I decided against the rhinestones as they were too bulky, I then found myself standing in front of a rainbow of sequins. In the middle of the sequin aisle, it was there when my project became clear. I was going to make Pixar ears but it was also going to honor one of my heroes, Steve Jobs. One ear was to have the Pixar ball and the other an Apple logo…Genius!

I began grabbing all the gold, blue, red, black, and silver sequins as if it were a Black Friday sale. As I was walking to the cash register, I started to realize that my project was starting to appear as if I were about to bedazzle my entire wardrobe!

Once home I began sketching out my idea that came to fruition in the sequin aisle, the Pixar ball and Apple logo looked just as good on paper as they did in my mind…Success! This project took about 2 months to complete. There are about 4000 sequins (they are dual-sided) – both sewn and glued on the “Mickey” ears. The finished result was better than I could have imagined.

When we went to Disney World in Sept. 2011 – my Pixar/Steve Jobs/Mickey ears sparkled in the Florida sun like pixie dust.

Being that I was so excited about my first custom Pixar “Mickey” ears, I have begun working on my second pair – a new design! This one is very technically challenged, but I’m having a blast creating something of the company I love…PIXAR!

UPDATED: My second pair of custom Pixar Mickey ears, featuring signatures of some of the top Pixar brass are complete — check them out here.

If you were to create your own Pixar ears, What would you put on them?

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