La Luna Plush Toy in Disney Stores Soon

Pixar La Luna Bambino Plush Teaser

Are you as nuts about Pixar toys are we are? If so, you are in for a treat! As you may know, Pixar short characters are usually made into plush toys and are pretty hard to find. We should know we’ve been searching for the Boundin’ box set for years now!

This tweet from the director of La Luna, Enrico Casarosa posts a photo of what appears to be a Bambino plush toy that should be on the shelves in Disney stores soon! Keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss your chance to pick up this great toy.

La Luna – Fan Art
Pixar La Luna Enrico Casarosa Fan Art

La Luna – Fan Art

Tonight, as we watched Up, T

WALL-E Fan Art – Using iPad Sketchbook Pro
WALL-E and Eve Ralph Eggleston Fan Art

WALL-E Fan Art – Using iPad Sketchbook Pro

Wow, what a powerful tool Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro is

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