Ed Catmull Interview with Animation Magazine

Ed Catmull photograph
Ed Catmull photo © Deborah Coleman (Pixar)

Dr. Ed Catmull recently did an interview with Animation Magazine and discussed how he manages his day as the President of Pixar and Disney Studios, the positive environment of Pixar, how to manage the pressures of producing another Pixar hit, and a few tips on how to get into the industry (who doesn’t want to be in the industry).

The best quote from the interview (in my opinion) talks about his tips for people getting into the industry.

“I am going to give an answer that might seem contradictory. One is that I believe that people should have breadth…that’s what I like about general education, history, economics, thought, etc. The second thing is I believe that each person, when they go to college, they should pick one area that they’ll get into very deep. To experience a deep understanding of one thing…to master something helps you get the confidence to master something else. One level is a horizontal one and the other is vertical, very deep.”

Check out the full interview on Animation Magazine.

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