Brave on Pixar and Disney – Official Sites – More great screenshots homepage with Brave banner

Below are the links to the official Pixar and Disney sites dedicated to Brave with a short description of what you can do on the site.

1 – The official Pixar site has been “Brave-a-fied”. There’s not a ton to see here but it’s just a nice visual to see Brave emblazoned across the homepage.

2 – The Official Pixar/Disney Brave page – A great place to get wallpapers (for your computer, iPad, iPhone, etc), learn about the characters, view photo galleries, read a brief background on the story of Brave, and watch trailers.

Brave Concept Art
The Art of Brave book Cover

Brave Concept Art

We both enjoy Pixar’s concept art which is why “The Art of ”

Ed Catmull Interview with Animation Magazine
Ed Catmull photograph

Ed Catmull Interview with Animation Magazine


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