Lightyear Statue at Pixar – Get a Close-Up Look

The Buzz Lightyear statue at Pixar Animation Studios is packed with tiny details of the space ranger. Check out these close-up photos.
Buzz Lightyear Alpha Suit Detailed Look Back

Prior to the release of Lightyear, Pixar Animation Studios added a lifelike Buzz Lightyear statue to the reception area of the Steve Jobs building. Photos of Buzz have been popping up on social media and Lightyear director, Angus MacLane even posted a photo of Buzz wearing his glasses.

Buzz’s updated alpha suit has garnered a lot of attention online. Some fans are in awe of the high level of detail, while cosplay fans want to get a close look to recreate their own version of the space ranger’s suit.

A Pixar employee even posted a slew of detailed close-up views a few months back on the Replica Prop Forum of the Lightyear statue. Check out a sample of the details Lightyear alpha suit photos below.


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