Finneas Performs the 4*TOWN track “Nobody Like U” from ‘Turning Red’ at Coachella

Finneas took the stage at Coachella 2022 to perform a brief rendition of “Nobody Like U” by 4*Town from Turning Red.
4Town Finneas at Coachella

Who would’ve guessed that a 4*Town song from Turning Red would hit a stage at Coachella? If you recall, prior to the outdoor festival Finneas (who voiced the character Jesse in the film) took to Twitter to poll his fans on whether 4*Town should come out at Coachella. With over 20k votes, fans enthusiastically voted YES!

Finneas 4Town at Coachella

As voted on by Twitter fans last week, Finneas took to the stage during his set on Sunday and played a brief acoustic version of “Nobody Like U.” You can hear audio of Finneas singing the rendition embedded from YouTube below. (UPDATED: The original Twitter video has since been removed due to copyright, YouTube link added.)

I know it’s a long shot but how incredible would it be to have a full acoustic version of “Nobody Like U” to listen to as well? In the meantime, you can still pre-order your own copy of the Turning Red 4*Town vinyl record.

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