Official 4*Town Music Video For ‘1 True Love’ Is Nothing Short of Awesome

Watch the heart wrenching music video for 4*Town’s “1 True Love.” Will Tyler finally get the sought-after 4*Town CD?
1 True Love 4 Town Video

If you’ve seen Turning Red, you know Tyler may be one of the biggest 4*Town fans in existence. But, before he admitted his love for the band, he openly teased people that liked the band and kept his love for the band a secret.

In the recently-released 2D animated 4*Town video for the song “1 True Love,” Tyler is still in his teasing phase, and the video hits hard on the emotional front.

Watch the video embedded below (from the DisneyMusicVEVO YouTube page). Better yet, watch the full video on the “Extras” tab of the Turning Red Disney+ page, as you’ll be able to see the music video overlay at the beginning and the full credits sequence.

Should the remaining 4*Town songs be made into 2D animated videos like this, too? Leave a comment below and let us know.


“1 True Love” Video Details

Performed by 4*Town

Robaire – Jordan Fisher
Jesse – Finneas O’Connell
Aaron Z – Josh Levi
Aaron T – Topher Ngo
Tae Young – Grayson Villanueva

Written by: Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell

Directed by: Bill Presing
Produced by: Lucy Laliberte and Sabine Koch O’Sullivan

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