Inside Pixar – “There is no typical day” Take a Peek at the Disney+ Series Streaming Now

The series Inside Pixar launched on Disney+ today. Take a look at our review and listing of the available episodes in the first batch!
Jessica Heidt from Inside Pixar series

If you’re anything like us, the behind-the-scene bonus features on the Pixar in-home releases always rank as one of our favorite parts. Having the chance to get an inside look at how the filmmakers work on (and think about) their craft is not only informational but inspirational. Starting today November 13 a new docuseries titled Inside Pixar (streaming exclusively on Disney+) will showcase more of those “inside looks” and more!

Inside Pixar will feature four individual collections (centered around a central theme) with five short stories in each collection. The first collection releasing today (November 13) is “Inspired”, exploring what sparks inspiration and the journey from an idea to execution.

Inside Pixar Steven Clay Hunter Out

Directed by Erica Milsom (director of Loop) and Tony Kaplan (cinematographer) Inside Pixar will offer insights into the personal and cinematic stories and provide an insider perspective into the people, artistry, and culture of Pixar Animation Studios.

One of those upcoming personal stories is from director Dan Scanlon as he shared via Twitter that he will be featured in an episode alongside his brother and mom in his hometown of Clawson, MI.

Here is a list of the current Inside Pixar episodes now available on Disney+

  • Writing Something Real — Kemp Powers discusses the personal experiences that led him to write a pivotal scene in Soul.
  • The Art of the Pivot — Deanna Marsigliese discusses the character creation process and the artistic detours that come with it.
  • For That Kid — Steven Hunter describes how his past experiences influenced his SparkShorts film, ‘Out.’
  • Who Gets All The Lines? — Jessica Heidt explains the program she created to improve gender balance in Pixar films.
  • Where Ideas Come From — Dan Scanlon takes us on a personal journey of inspiration that led to his film, Onward.

We were fortunate enough to preview the first two episodes of Inside Pixar a few weeks ago and were inspired by the methods the folks use to get unstuck, how to really use the power of observation, or even how they pull from personal experiences to enhance their stories.

Inside Pixar isn’t just for Pixar fans – creators of all kinds will take something away from the series. We can’t wait for the future collections to get a peek inside the studio and learn even more from the artists that populate our favorite studio.

Chat about the Inside Pixar series with other fans and leave your thoughts on this first collection in the Pixar Post Forum thread dedicated to the Disney+ series.

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