Adidas ‘Toy Story Friendship Collection’ – Apparel, Footwear & a Luxo Ball-Themed Basketball

Pixar and Adidas have teamed up to release the Toy Story Friendship Collection with real-life Luxo-themed Basketballs, apparel, shoes and more.

Pixar collaborations always bring a smile to our faces. Why? Because Pixar typically exists in the digital world — something that we see and experience on the screen. Collaborations are a great way to bring those digital products into the physical world with items fans can wear and use. 

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The Adidas and Pixar collaboration called the Toy Story Friendship Collection was created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Toy Story‘s theatrical release (back in 1995). The collection launches on October 1, 2020 (at 3:00 AM ET) on and will be available in Junior, Children’s, and Infant sizing (availability and sizing vary by product).

The list below is a summary of products which are currently known with more products expected to be announced shortly — like a fantastic Toy Story-cloud themed pullover hoodie with a rainbow Adidas logo (so, keep checking back) Updated – The Toy Story cloud hoodie is listed below now. Pricing and links to direct pages on Adidas’ site are included for each item. 


In our minds, one of the pinnacle items of this collection will be the Luxo-themed basketball. With as much as people ask us how to get an official Luxo ball, we assume that this version will be just as highly sought after — especially since it’s able to be played with as well.

Be sure to check out the description for the Luxo-themed sneakers below as well.

Adidas Pixar Luxo Basketball Toy Story Themed


Adidas Toy Story Woody Shoes
D.O.N. Issue #2 x Woody

D.O.N. Issue #2 x Woody — This D.O.N. Issue #2 gets the Woody treatment with blue denim upper and print details that pay homage to the one and only Sheriff Woody. It also features Andy’s name on the right outsole and a snake-in-boot printed inside the shoe – Amazing detail!

Adidas Toy Story Jessie Shoes
NMD_R1 x Jessie

NMD_R1 x Jessie — “Yee-Haw!” This take on the NMD features cow print BOOST and other energetic details.

Adidas Toy Story Buzz Basketball Shoes
Dame 7 x Buzz

Dame 7 x Buzz — This white, purple, and green upper features Buzz Lightyear print details and glow-in-the-dark elements. It also features Andy’s name on the right outsole.

Adidas Toy Story Deep Threat Kid's Sneakers
Aliens x Deep Threat

Aliens x Deep Threat — This take on the friends from another planet features prints and glow-in-the-dark details. How fun that the colors are named “Solar Slime, Bold Aqua, and Grey Three”.

Adidas Toy Story Rex Green Scale Shoes
Top Ten Hi x Rex

Top Ten Hi x Rex — A green synthetic leather upper with debossed details mimic that of the lovable tyrannosaurus rex.

Adidas Toy Story Hamm Superstar Shoes
Superstar x Hamm

Superstar x Hamm — This iconic shell-toe sneaker gets the Piggy Bank treatment with a patent leather upper and Hamm’s face on the back heel.

Adidas Toy Story Luxo Ball Shoes Pro Model 2G
Pro Model 2G x Luxo

Pro Model 2G x Luxo — Drawing inspiration from the iconic yellow, blue, and red ball that was first featured in Toy Story and is featured in every Pixar movie. This also features the iconic A113 Easter Egg reference on the tongue. To keep the surprise going even longer, as of launch, the images for this shoe aren’t available yet.

  • Children’s – Link and Pricing not currently available
  • Youth – Link and Pricing not currently available


Adidas Adizero Toy Story Football Cleats
Aliens x Adizero

Aliens x Adizero Football Cleat — Known as the “lightest cleat in the game,” Adidas added this amazing green alien-themed cleat to their already popular, Adizero, line of cleats.

  • Link and Pricing not currently available

Thanks to our friend Sydney C., she gave us a heads up that Minnesota Viking, Adam Thielen was sporting the Adizero’s during Week 2 of the NFL’s season.

Adidas Toy Story Friendship Collection Aliens x Freak football cleat
Aliens x Freak

Aliens x Freak Football Cleat — Another cleat option would be the Freak collection with a slightly varied green alien wrap.

  • Link and Pricing not currently available


Adidas Toy Story Cloud Luxo Sweatshirt Hoodie
Image on the right shows the inside terrycloth softness

Adidas Hoops x Toy Story Cloud Sweatshirt/Hoodie — Adidas sent us one of these sweatshirts for our review and we cannot say enough good things about it. The inside is like a super-soft bath towel and the outside is just as soft. You can’t go wrong with the classic Toy Story cloud design and the Luxo ball-colored Adidas logo is a superb touch. 
We have heard that adult sizes will be coming for this design as well – we cannot wait!

  • Children’s – $45
  • Youth – $ (Link not active at this time)

Adidas Toy Story You've Got a Friend in Me Basketball Jersey

You’ve Got a Friend in Me x Basketball Jersey — Sponsored by Pizza Planet and featuring the number 25 in celebration of Toy Story‘s 25 anniversary, this basketball jersey will have you hooping in style.

Adidas Toy Story Woody and Luxo T-Shirt

Woody x Luxo Basketball Toy Story Tee — Matching the official Luxo basketball also for sale, Woody is leaning upon the iconic ball on this white cotton kid’ t-shirt.

Adidas Toy Story Buzz Basketball Shirt

Buzz x Luxo Basketball Toy Story Tee — Buzz spinning the Luxo basketball against the backdrop of the solar green color shirt is absolutely a must-have in our minds.

  • Children’s – $25 (Link not active at this time)
  • Youth – $30 (longer in the body)

Adidas Jessie and Luxo Ball Toy Story T-Shirt

Jessie x Luxo Basketball Toy Story Tee — The yodeling cowgirl herself ropes the Luxo basketball in this bright yellow cotton kid’ t-shirt – $25

Adidas Toy Story Hay un Amigo en Mi and You've Got a Friend in Me T-Shirts

Hay un Amigo en Me and You’ve Got a Friend in Me T-Shirt — Toy Story 3 is when we uncovered that Buzz Lightyear had a Spanish Mode and you can pick up either the English or Spanish version of the famous quote.

  • You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Children’s – $22
  • You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Youth – $25 (longer in the body)
  • Hay un Amigo en Mi! – Children’s – $22
  • Hay un Amigo en Mi! – Youth  –  $25 (longer in the body)

Adidas Toy Story Hoops Ranger All-Star Camp Shirt

Hoops Ranger All-Star Camp Tee – Basketball in outer space…sign us up for one of those intergalactic leagues!

Outside of the fact that we wish these shoe designs and clothes were featured in adult sizes, we are very eager to see them and pick up some items for our Son. In any regard, the Luxo Basketball will be ours!

Are you planning on picking up any of the merch? Leave a comment below with your favorite item as part of the collection!

Pixar Post — T.J.

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