Watch Ian and Barley Lightfoot Journey Through New Magical Landscapes in the Latest International ‘Onward’ Trailer

Watch the new ‘Onward’ Trailer as Ian and Barley Lightfoot set fourth on a magical journey to find a little bit of magic to bring their dad back.
Onward UK Trailer Ian Lightfoot

Today, a magical new trailer for Pixar’s upcoming film, Onward was released (via Disney UK, watch the embedded video below). The roughly two-and-half minute trailer followed the Lightfoot brothers as they embark on their quest to find a little bit of magic to bring their father back to life for one day.

Just like the previous trailer, you really get the sense of how the world has evolved and moved away from using day-to-day magic as technology has made the use of magic spells almost non-existent — that’s a very current topic of “technology is easier, but is it better”.

Pixar Onward van jump poster

In one of the new scenes, we see Ian Lightfoot playing a cassette tape labeled “Dad”, which we can only imagine is a voice recording of his late father’s voice — mirroring a similar real-life story moment of director Dan Scanlon, who’s father passed away when he was young. (It should also be noted that we don’t believe that it’s really Ian’s Dad’s voice in the trailer as we think Pixar is saving that surprise for the theatrical release. This is more likely a voice-over from another scene with Barley — Chris Pratt — reading a letter.)

Pixar Onward magical stalks

As the trailer continues, the Lightfoot brothers manage to conjure up ‘half’ of their dad, before the Pheonix stone shatters and this is where the quest begins. Several new scenes are shown including a few cityscape scenes and absolutely stunning beauty shots of a magical rural landscape.

A pleasant surprise from the trailer would be the introduction of, Dew Drop the tough biker Pixie with a bit of an attitude. While we have seen a glimpse of her and her motley crew of Pixies in the previous trailer, this was the first time we were able to see an up-close introduction of the newest Onward character.

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Additionally, the music from the trailer works perfectly. The first song featured in the Onward UK  trailer is from the band, The Cars titled, “Magic”, which was also in the previous trailer/teasers. The second song is titled, “Coming Home” by Sheppard and is so catchy and works perfectly with the pacing of the trailer.

Onward Pixie Dew Drop

We will be able to share many more insights and details (including filmmaker panels, discussion and interviews) about Onward from our Press Days at Pixar Animation Studios very soon but in the meantime, you can share your thoughts and discuss even more about the latest trailer on the Pixar Post Forum thread all about Onward.

Additionally, be sure to also check out our YouTube Live discussion as we broke down the previous Onward trailer in full detail!

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