“Read, Read, Read” — Watch the Deleted Cold Opening Scene from ‘Toy Story 4’

Watch the deleted opening scene from Toy Story 4 with director Josh Cooley explaining how the scene was ultimately scrapped.
Toy Story 4 Deleted Scene

The opening sequence of Toy Story 4, didn’t always feature the heroics of the toys working together to save RC or the heartache of losing Bo. As director Josh Cooley shares with Yahoo EntertainmentToy Story 4 was originally going to feature a ‘cold opening’ similar to the opening of Toy Story 3, which showcased the toys engaged in an imaginative playtime.

Though this time, the playtime storyline featured a backstory in which Bonnie was struggling in school (in particular with reading) which lead the Toy Story 4 team to create a villainous flock of book-like pterodactyls. The scene as showcased below (in an animatic) features the gang hiding in fear of the books, with an oblivious Mr. Pricklepants engaged in a dance sequence, though a bit out of character for him, it did make us giggle.

As Josh Cooley explains why the team ultimately decided to scrap the scene altogether, “Where we were going with the story was Bonnie was having trouble in school, and she didn’t want to readthat’s why there are books that are kind of villains in this Playtime. That ultimately went nowhere because there are really no stakes at all there. This was an insane Playtime that we just went to 11 with. It was ridiculous but it was fun to watch.”

Toy Story 4 Alternate Opening

Watch a sample of the deleted scene directly on the Yahoo Entertainment website.

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