Rib Tickles, Deleted ‘Toy Story 4’ Character To Appear in ‘Forky Asks A Question’ (on Disney+)

Rib Tickles was a deleted police officer dog in Toy Story 4 who hit the cutting room floor – now, he’ll see his return in Forky Asks A Question.
Rib Tickles in Toy Story 4

Alongside the in-home digital release of Toy Story 4 (October 1), USA Today posted an article about Giggle McDimples’ character who hit the cutting room floor…for possibly being too funny. Giggle’s Pet Patrol partner, named Rib Tickles was a dog partner who she lost to Dragon, the cat patrolling Second Chance Antiques.

Let us also take a moment and talk about how perfect that name is — Rib Tickles pairs hilariously with Giggle McDimples.

Rib Tickles deleted Toy Story 4 character

Rib was first brought up by Dan the Pixar Fan who spotted the character on Toy Story 4 merchandise and messaged Director, Josh Cooley about the mysterious dog. (Rib is also mentioned in The Art of Toy Story 4.) The USA Today article confirms that he was cut from the film after being somewhat of a distraction for test-screening audiences because he didn’t really serve the story — but was hilarious. He was swallowed and thought to be dead until Giggle herself gets coughed up by the cat, also expelling officer Tickles.

“We had this film noir-like scene where Giggle just stares at a picture of Rib Tickles on her desk,” says Cooley. “She’s lost in thought and says, ‘Officer Rib Tickles, best darn cop that the Pet Patrol ever had.’ “ Adds Valerie LaPointe, the head of the film’s story: “And there was a joke in there, of (Rib’s death) happening right before his retirement, playing into the cop tropes of movies and TV.”


So, what’s next for Rib? We were thrilled to see that a full-fledged character like Rib will be able to be utilized in the new Disney+ series, Forky Asks A Question (premiering on November 12, 2019). It should also be noted that Rib has been recast and is now a female officer who will be voiced by Aloma Wright. Producer Mark Nielsen noted to USA Today that, “Forky will ask Rib, “What is a pet?”

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