‘Toy Story 4’ Almost Had a Very Different Ending – Check Out This Deleted Scene of Bo Peep’s Struggle

Toy Story 4 went through many versions before it finally hit the big screen. Check out two new deleted scenes highlighting an alternate ending.
Toy Story 4 Alternate Ending with Bo Peep and Woody

In triumphant fashion, Bo Peep’s return to the Toy Story franchise was handled in true heroic form. Her independent grace and “can do” attitude in Toy Story 4 instantly made her a fan-favorite once again. Not only did Bo Peep reunite with her long-lost love, Woody but she was able to show him that it’s OK to not be attached to one kid (and that life will still go on).

Entertainment Weekly recently shared an early look at one of the alternated endings of Toy Story 4 — an ending that felt forced (in our opinion) and seemed unlike the Bo Peep that was showcased through the entirety of the film. In the clip (embedded below), Bo Peep celebrates with Woody as they talk about finding homes for all the toys (we’re assuming they are discussing Ducky and Bunny, Gabby Gabby, Duke Caboom, etc), when in mid-discussion spots a familiar child from the Antique Store and expresses to Woody how she feels that she is destined to be that little girl’s toy.

While this alternate storyline may have kept the unstoppable duo of Buzz and Woody together, we can’t help but feel distracted by Bo Peep’s lack of independence shown within this scene and praise the filmmakers decision to re-work the scene altogether — albeit at the cost of emotions, with the final “To Infinity…and Beyond.”

Watch the clip directly on EW’s site.

Another deleted scene that has surfaced in preparation of the Toy Story 4 Digital and Blu-ray release is a hilarious scene titled, “Knockoffs.” In the clip (embedded below from IGN), Director Josh Cooley explains how prizes typically won at Carnival games are often knockoff designs of licensed characters, which the filmmakers explored in the silly scene. Not only did the clip feature knockoff Buzz Lightyear toys, but a knockoff signature phrase, “To insanity and upon,” which (for us) made the scene.

It’s so great to see the deleted scenes from a film to fully understand how much it develops over time and how the team has to go down many roads to find the right one that “clicks.”

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Toy Story 4 will be available on Movies Anywhere on October 1, and fans will be able to purchase 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD versions of the film on October 8 — and can watch even more deleted scenes like these. Check out the full list of Toy Story 4 special features here.

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