Toy Story 4 Crosses One Billion in Box Office Revenue (19 Percent of All Pixar Films Have – A Breakdown)

Toy Story 4 becomes Pixar’s 4th film in the studios 21-picture history to cross over 1 Billion in global box office revenue.
Toy Story 4 Crosses 1 Billion in Box Office Revenue

A celebration is in order — Toy Story 4 has surpassed a major box office milestone by exceeding $1 Billion in global box office revenue as of August 15. Proving the love fans have for Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, and the whole gang, the film not only becomes Pixar’s fourth film to cross the billion-dollar marker, but the second Toy Story film to reach that mark.

If you think about it, 19 percent of all Pixar films have crossed over $1 Billion in box office totals (4 out of 21) — that is astounding us when looking back over their catalog. It also speaks to why Pixar as a business is interested in producing sequels. All four of the films which surpassed this marker (Toy Story 3Finding DoryIncredibles 2, and Toy Story 4) were follow-ups to their original story.

Of course, ticket price increases and the number of theaters the film opens in play a role in reaching $1 Billion, but it definitely shows the importance of balancing original stories (to keep the pipeline fresh and have the studio be viewed as an innovator) with sequels. The financial benefit of continuing a story can be a gamble, but character-rich franchises with great stories like Toy Story have paid off big for the studio.

Crossing the marker after 55 days in theaters, Toy Story 4 was just behind the 46-day record set by Incredibles 2‘s one year earlier. Below is a rundown of revenues and where Toy Story 4 stacks up (as of August 15) — numbers via Box Office Mojo.


  • Domestic — $421,823,837
  • + Foreign — $579,900,000
  • = Worldwide — $1,001,723,837


  • Frozen — $1,276,480,335
  • Incredibles 2 — $1,242,805,359
  • Minions — $1,159,398,397
  • Toy Story 3 — $1,066,969,703
  • Despicable Me 3 — $1,034,799,409
  • Finding Dory — $1,028,570,889
  • Zootopia — $1,023,784,195
  • Toy Story 4 — $1,001,723,837 (as of August 15, this number will rise)


  • Incredibles 2 — $608,581,744
  • Finding Dory — $486,295,561
  • Toy Story 4 — $421,823,837
  • Toy Story 3 — $415,004,880
  • Inside Out — $356,461,711

Congratulations to Director, Josh Cooley and the entire Toy Story 4 crew for their hard work crafting the film — you all deserve the recognition!

Pixar Post — T.J.

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