‘Toy Story 4’ Still Holding Strong at the Box Office — Will it Become the Fourth Billion-Dollar Pixar Film?

Can ‘Toy Story 4’ break a billion-dollars at the box office? It appears to be trending that way.
Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Screenshot

After nearly a month at the Box Office, Toy Story 4 is still holding strong with a 24-day Domestic Box Office total of $346,369,574 (according to Box Office Mojo) — however, the big question is will Toy Story 4 have the stamina to top the billion-dollar grossing Toy Story 3?

For comparison, Toy Story 3 was in theaters for a total of 168 days (24 weeks) and had a worldwide gross of $1.066 billion. Toy Story 4 has been in theaters for just over 3 weeks with a worldwide gross of $773.9 million (thus far).

Currently, there have been three Pixar films to cross over the billion-dollar mark; Incredibles 2 ($1.164), Toy Story 3($1.066) and Finding Dory ($1.028). What we found interesting is that although all three films proved to be popular at the box office, only Toy Story 3 won the Oscar for Best Animated Film. However, the short films Piper (attached to Finding Dory), and Bao (attached to Incredibles 2) each won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.

What do you think? Could Toy Story 4 be the fourth Pixar film to break a billion at the box office? Share your thoughts with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum or in the comments below.

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