Pixar’s ‘Up’ Celebrates 10th Anniversary – Pete Docter Shares Insights From the Married Life Sequence

Director Pete Docter narrates a new video showcasing insights from Pixar’s Up on the 10th Anniversary of the films theatrical release – watch here.
Carl and Ellie look at clouds from Up

Today, Pixar’s tenth animated feature film Up celebrates its 10th anniversary. The heart-wrenching film grossed over $700 million worldwide and was only the second animated film in history to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Picture (following Beauty and the Beast). The website Rotten Tomatoes has been showcasing a series of memorable moments in film from the past 21 years, and today they feature, Up.

The 3-minute long video narrated by Pete Docter shares insights and details from one of Pixar’s most tear-inducing scenes, the “Married Life” sequence. Pete shares how the dialogue-free montage was once very different — in fact, it was the head of the story department who talked Pete into making the scene mirror a silent film.

As the Up team continued to develop the film, Pete noted that the scene featuring the doctor explaining to Carl and Ellie about not being able to have children was once omitted. After the change, the filmmakers felt a shift within the characters and the “real” connection between the characters and the audience was lost. Once the team placed the scene back into the film, their test audience reassured the team that viewing the “real” moment was crucial to feeling an emotional connection to the characters.

“These films, in a way, are dress rehearsals for life for a lot of people. When kids play house, or cars their kinda acting out and trying this suit on, and I think films are a little bit of the same way, it’s a way of understanding the world, and that’s what we’re striving to do with animation. We take all the messiness of life and make it more pure and easy to understand”. — Pete Docter

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