“It’s All Right” Song From Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Premiered on Dancing With the Stars Disney Night

The new song, “It’s All Right” from the Pixar Soul soundtrack premiered during Disney Night on Dancing With the Stars – watch Nelly and Daniella dance

Disney Night on Dancing With the Stars has become a staple on the show and fans have come to love watching their favorite dancers swaying to songs from Pixar, Disney, and more. On the September 28, 2020, episode, we were excited to see two Pixar songs represented — the famed, “Married Life,” from Up, and the premiere of “It’s All Right,” from Soul.

Nelly and Daniella were paired to dance to the new Soul song and featured great visuals throughout. We loved the opening backdrop featuring an image of the Half Note Jazz Club marquee followed by film animation clips and the floor turning into the twisting piano featured on one of the Soul theatrical posters. Check out the dance embedded below from the Dancing With the Stars YouTube channel.

The jazz music featured in the upcoming November 20, 2020 release of Soul is performed by (and many songs were written by), Jon Batiste. We were excited to hear Jon’s take on the classic song “It’s All Right” which has been covered by many artists because of its feel-good and upbeat nature. Originally performed by The Impressions (and written by the band member who later went solo, Curtis Mayfield), “It’s All Right” is packed with soulful vibes and is a perfect fit to slot into Pixar’s Soul

Jeannie Mai and Brandon also performed the Viennese Waltz to the always amazing, “Married Life” song from Up. The theming of the balloons and their costumes were so much fun — visually, you can’t go wrong with an Up theme and all the bright colors of the balloons falling to the floor as they wrapped up their dance.

The evening featured 14 Songs under the Disney umbrella (each dance was about a minute in length) — check out the full list below and click the links to watch the performance on the Dancing With the Stars YouTube channel.

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While you’re waiting to hear Jon Batiste’s version of “It’s All Right,” on the Soul soundtrack, check out the original version by The Impressions on Apple Music/iTunesSpotifyAmazon, or YouTube Music.

What did you think about the song or any of the performances on Disney Night? Leave a comment below.

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