Pixar’s ‘Presto’ Alec Azam Funko Limited Edition Vinyl Figure Unboxing and Review [Video & Photos]

Funko released their figure of Alec Azam, the feisty rabbit from Pixar’s short film, Presto. Check out our unboxing of the figure.
Alec Azam Funko Presto Vinyl Figure Unboxing

Funko has released their limited edition vinyl figure of Alec Azam, the feisty rabbit from Pixar’s slap-stick-infused short film Presto, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. Being such huge fans of the film as well as the series of vinyl collectibles Funko has been producing for the short films (so far, BaoKnick Knack, and now Presto), we wanted to release our video review (along with photos) to share.

Coming in a wonderful top hat-themed box, the Alec vinyl figure stands 4.19″ tall and 3.94″ wide. The only moveable portion of Alec is his head which can turn from side to side. His huge ears, big smile, and huge feet showcase his adorable yet, troublemaking side — maybe Presto should have just fed him on time! Check out our video review embedded below or directly on our Pixar Post YouTube channel, as well as some photos below. What do you think of the Presto Funko vinyl? Leave a comment on the video or down below on this post.


Alec Azam Funko Presto Vinyl Figure


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If you happened to miss out on the release of Funko’s Pop-Up Shop, you could always look at eBay using our pre-filtered search link.

Official Description:

Alec Azam might look like an ordinary white bunny, but don’t let that adorable face fool you because this bunny has been known to get hangry when you don’t feed him enough carrots. On the other hand, Alec Azam is an experienced magician with enough tricks up his sleeve to keep you entertained for an entire lifetime, so long as you continue to feed him. If you’ve been looking for some bunny to love, this Funko Shop limited edition Alec Azam Vinyl Figure is all yours.

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