Podcast #64: Interview with ‘Incredibles 2’ Script Supervisor, Kelly Bonbright, Toy Story 4 News & More

In Episode 64 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we chat with “Incredibles 2” script supervisor, Kelly Bonbright, dive into Toy Story 4 news, and much more.
Kelly Bonbright Pixar podcast Interview

In Episode 64 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we chat with Kelly Bonbright (Script Supervisor on Incredibles 2), dive into Toy Story 4 news, and of course, start the episode with Pixar trivia.

The episode kicks off with T.J. putting Julie to the test with some Presto-inspired trivia — the theme of Presto was chosen since the Funko of the lead rabbit, Alec Azam came out a few weeks back. Additionally, we talk briefly about the opening of Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy and the latest Toy Story 4 news (Tony Hale playing Forky, Don Rickles voicing Mr. Potato Head, the Toy Story 4 US / International trailer, and more).


In our interview with Kelly Bonbright, you’ll learn all about her journey to Pixar — how she started in Consumer Products and eventually moved into the Script Supervisor role. You’ll learn how the film is broken down into more manageable segments, how funny sequence titles get added, and even some fun facts.

One of those fun facts was that Incredibles 2 had 59 total story sequences in the final film, but there were 121 omitted story sequences — that’s a lot of awesome content and ideas that we still haven’t seen! Listen to the entire episode below for even more great facts and learn what Kelly believes are the top skills you need to be a Script Supervisor.

Kelly Bonbright Pixar

In addition to our discussion, Kelly also passed along this great photo of her at the Incredibles 2  premiere and a fun sketch that story artist Louis Gonzales (who we also interviewed on our podcast) drew of her.


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