‘Toy Story 4’ Product Launch – Disney Store Video of Forky Plush, Claw Machine, Bo Peep Plush & More

The Toy Story 4-themed toys came out at the Disney Store and ShopDisney today (Apr 15) – take a look as we do a video tour of all the new merchandise
Toy Story 4 Disney Store Toy Hunt

The Disney Store and ShopDisney have released their Toy Story 4 line of toys today (April 15), and we were there minutes after the store opened to get a look at all the exciting new apparel, toys, plush, collectibles, and more.

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Check out our video walkthrough of all the great Toy Story 4 toys, and let us know what your favorites are in the comments below (or directly on the video on our Pixar Post YouTube channel). Our favorites have to be the Forky plush, the Special Edition claw machineToy Story Spirit Jersey, the updated Toy Box figures (especially the Woody and Forky pack), and the Giggle McDimple merchandise.

Click here to purchase these great items on ShopDisney today.


In addition to the great products above, we also returned to the Disney Store to take a look at all the great Toy Story 4 products released in Wave 2.

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  1. Hi Kindly advice which disney store did u went that show in the video ? any wedsite that I can get the disney store buzz light year ? Thank you

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