Take a Peek Inside Pixar’s Inclusion Summit 2019 and Pixar’s Day of Service

Take a peek inside Pixar’s Inclusion Summit 2019 and Pixar’s Day of Service.
Pixar Inclusion Summit 2019

Listen. Learn. Lead. Extend. Engage. Enrich. That was the focus of Pixar’s Inclusion Summit 2019. The summit invites all employees to participate in discussions with numerous speakers, take part in exercises, and more. The Pixar Inclusion Summit 2019 is highlighted in the photos shared by the official Pixar Animation Studios Twitter account (embedded below), that show a story of what the day entailed, such as employees participating in activities, spotlight on the speakers, various programs run by Pixar employees, and conference room discussions tackling important workplace topics.

Pixar Inclusion Summit 2019

Pixar Animation Studios also had their Pixar day of service, an outing or service day where employees give back to their community. In a series of photos (embedded below from Pixar’s official Instagram page), you’ll see how the employees at Pixar are truly making a difference to help make this world a little brighter.

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