Bo Peep’s Updated ‘Toy Story 4’ Look: Edgier and a More Commanding Presence

In Toy Story 4, it appears that the soft-spoken Bo Peep will receive an updated look. View some of the recent images of the porcelain princess.
Toy Story 4 Bo Peep's New Look

One of the most soft-spoken, calming, and even-keeled characters in the Toy Story universe, Bo Peep, may be set to receive an updated look and attitude in the fourth iteration of the franchise. Although not shown with her signature sheep, Bo, as seen in several images appearing online recently seems to be much more vibrant, energetic, and in charge.

In the first image from a store display (via Twitter User, Doalx), Bo has a much more determined look in her eyes than we’re used to seeing. She has also moved on from her signature porcelain doll dress and bonnet to reveal a very (Star Wars) Rey-styled garment (yet with Victorian-era styling at points). It should be noted that she also has a bandaged arm — was she injured while fighting/training, or is this a crack she’s mending?

Bo Peep Store Display in Toy Story 4

Instagram user, mmDisney200 also received an image from a follower of a Russian calendar showing Bo Peep in a much more agile pose than we’re used to seeing her in. Running in full stride, you can see her bandaged right bicep (like in the earlier photo), as well as a purple wrapping on her left forearm.

We were also excited to see grip wrappings on Bo’s shepherd crook — it’s almost as if Bo herself will use her crook as a bo staff. Seriously, this really has us wondering how tough Bo will be now.

Bo Peep artwork of her running in Toy Story 4 Calendar

So, who is the small character over Bo’s left shoulder as well? In November, Tim Allen was quoted as saying the Keanu Reeve’s character was only 2-3 inches tall when chatting with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. Of course, in a movie about toys, there are certainly going to be many small characters, but seeing as this character is featured in early artwork, we could presume it would be a more major character — prompting a more known actor to voice the character. Again, take that with a grain of salt for the time being as it’s only a guess.

Additionally, when chatting with YodelinCowgirl about a recent SIGGRAPH video (embedded below and starting at 15:25) that Twitter user John K. Park tipped her off to, we joked that the video featuring a quick glimpse of Bo has been under our nose since August. The portion of the discussion featuring Bo Peep takes place when VP of Software R&D at Pixar, Guido Quaroni (and not surprisingly the voice of Guido in Cars), expands on the shading tool called, Flow.

From this sneak peek, you get a sense of her updated look. She has larger eyes (where the whites are defined more now) and her porcelain finish looks more refined.

What are your thoughts on Bo Peep’s new look? Leave a comment below or chat about it with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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