Pixar Technical Video: Engineering Full-Fidelity Hair for ‘Incredibles 2’ (snippet from SIGGRAPH 2018)

At SIGGRAPH 2018 Pixar discussed how they achieved full-fidelity hair and how it assisted artists on Incredibles 2. Watch a preview of the video here.
Violet from Incredibles 2 blow drying her hair

We know that a lot of work goes into Pixar films — but do we really know how much work? At the 2018 SIGGRAPH conference today (August 12) Pixar presented “Engineering Full-Fidelity Hair for Incredibles 2” which took a deep dive into how the team increased interactivity within animator workflows to improve artistic freedom.

This presentation comes hot on the heels of Pixar’s latest public release of Renderman 22 (which includes many of the improvements the team was able to utilize on Incredibles 2) — you can read more about Renderman 22 in Pixar’s press release.

In the 4:47 video which previews some of the new features, be sure to revel in how amazing the hair movement looks for Mrs. Incredible and wait until you see the raccoon’s hair clumping — it looks absolutely authentic.

Incredibles 2 Raccoon with soft and scraggly fur hair

Also, be sure to pay attention to the “hair scraggler” for Voyd and how artists were able to manipulate sections of her hair using the spline editor — it is stunning. You can watch the video embedded below or directly on Vimeo.

Voyd from Incredibles 2 hair test

What are your thoughts on the new improvements to Renderman 22 and the work it was able to assist with on Incredibles 2? Leave a comment below.

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