Is Singer-Songwriter, Usher, Frozone’s Biggest Fan? We’re Not Sure, but Usher is Making a Cameo in ‘Incredibles 2’

Singer and songwriter, Usher, is set to make a cameo in Incredibles 2. Check out an image of his character in our post. is he Frozone’s #1 fan.
Usher and Frozone in Incredibles 2

Singer-songwriter, Usher revealed on Twitter today (as spotted by the keen eye of Jace D.) that he will have an appearance in Incredibles 2. Usher also included an image of his likeness in the film with the text, “Frozone, I’m your biggest fan. See me in Incredibles 2 in theaters June 15.” 

Of course, the phrase is a callback to Buddy Pine’s phrase that he says to Mr. Incredible in the first film. Although Buddy eventually turned into Syndrome, we don’t think Usher’s character will likewise have nefarious undertones. It’s also great to see Frozone decked out with a slick coat, broad smile, and his Devtech badge. 

Incredibles Buddy Pine Incrediboy

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