‘Incredibles 2’ Vocal Booth and Scoring Session Video Samples & Interviews with Michael Giacchino, Holly Hunter & More

Take a peek at the Incredibles 2 vocal booth and scoring process video sessions.
Incredibles 2 Vocal Booth and Scoring Session

With the release of each Pixar film, there’s probably not much we love more than the behind-the-scenes B-Roll footage that is released alongside the world premiere of each film — from scoring sessions to the actors in the vocal booth, there’s just so many exciting details and processes to soak up. As Incredibles 2 world premiere wrapped up this past week, the release of numerous clips, B-roll footage, and filmmaker discussions have been plentiful.

The first video (embedded below), showcases the respect, admiration, and team collaboration between director Brad Bird and composer Michael Giacchino.

The duo have worked on countless projects together with Bird noting how he looks at Giacchino like a co-storyteller, “he (Giacchino) brings a unique perspective to it and I almost think of him like another character or another actor on the film because he’s interpreting the story and he has a very good storytelling sense, so his music always has a storytelling aspect.” 

Giacchino noted that he and Brad Bird have an honesty with each other which equals to a great collaboration, “the most important thing is that we have so much fun working together. It really is just always a blast, no matter what it is. I always know no matter movie he’s making, I will always say “yes” because he is just one of my favorite filmmakers.”

In addition to the behind-the-scenes scoring process, several interviews with the filmmakers and vocal cast were released — including vocal booth recordings. You’ll also see snippets of the various department teams at Pixar Animation Studios that helped bring Incredibles 2 to life. Not only do we love watching the actors transform in the vocal booth, but the snippets of the amazing artists at the studio is something we could watch all day.

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