The Art of Incredibles 2 Video Book Review (With Additional Concept Artwork)

Check out our video book review for the Art of Incredibles 2. In addition to the review, check out some new concept artwork highlighting the film.
The Art of Incredibles 2 Book Review

The “art of” series of books (Published by Chronicle Books) are the quintessential behind-the-scenes looks at a Pixar film. The Art of Incredibles 2 does not disappoint as the book dives into the characters, environments, vehicles and even has a section dedicated to outtakes (deleted scenes) from the film.

The book hit shelves as of today (May 8) and with all media that comes out before the film, be careful as the book contains spoilers. Our video review (from our Pixar Post YouTube channel) is spoiler-free, but will still give you a taste of the book and its style. Watch it embedded below or directly on YouTube.


Below are a few more images that highlight the styling and inspiration behind the movie — which one stands out to you the most? Beware that some of them may contain light spoilers.


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Be sure to pick up The Art of Incredibles 2 on Amazon.

Where do you think The Art of Incredibles 2 falls within the other “art of” books? We really enjoyed the extra details and information and rank this book near the top of the list. We especially love the details of the outtakes — like the brief glance at the concept artwork of Honey (Frozone’s wife). Wow!

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