Take a Peek Inside 14 Different ‘Incredibles 2’ Books – Novels, Activity Books & More

Take a look inside 14 different books themed after the Pixar film, Incredibles 2. We dive into and show pages and themes from all of the books.
Incredibles 2 Book Review

Incredibles 2 won’t hit theaters until June 15, but the excitement for the film only continues to grow now that many of the books themed after the film have hit shelves. Of course, these books contain spoilers so only crack open the covers if you are okay with knowing some of the ending plot points. That being said, we took a look at 14 different books themed after the film — but don’t worry, we only show pages with information and characters which have already been revealed (no spoilers here).

We just want to give you a good look at these exciting new books to determine which ones you’d like to add to your personal collection. From storybooks to junior novels, prequel stories, coloring books, and many more, these books are absolutely fantastic. Watch our video review embedded below or directly on our YouTube channel.

Be sure to click the links in the video description on YouTube, or in this post (below the video) to pick up any of these books directly on Amazon (listed in the order they are reviewed in the video)!


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