Time to Suit Up and Watch a New ‘Incredibles 2’ Teaser & Find Out How You Can See the Film 2 Days Early

Check out this new “Suit Up” Incredibles 2 teaser-trailer which gets us our first look at He-lectrix, Brick and Voyd!
Incredibles 2 Suit Up Teaser Screenshot

A new Incredibles 2 teaser titled, “Suit Up” was just released featuring a few new exciting glimpses at the characters from the film. Most notably, fans have been highly curious about the mysterious raccoon, and although it doesn’t reveal much, we certainly can see that Jack-Jack definitely has the raccoon in a pickle!

Incredibles 2 Raccoon

Concept artwork featuring the “wannabe” supers was previously released, but this is the first we get to see three of them in action — He-lectrix, Brick, and Voyd shocked Frozone and the Incredible family while (it appears) that they’re planning a mission.

Can we also talk about why the wannabe supers would be attacking the Incredibles — is Screenslaver behind this somehow? Check out the trailer, additional screenshots and details about how you can see the film 2 days early, below.

Incredibles 2 Helectrix and Violet

Finally, we get a look at some more of the exciting vehicles from the film (there are a ton of them shown in the Art of Incredibles 2 book). From Elastigirl flying a plane with downward slanted wings to the boat (or cruise ship) that they’re on, these are some beautifully designed modes of transportation.


Below is a list of ways in which you can watch the film – including a way to see the film two days before its broad theatrical release on June 13 and get some extra goodies. Tickets are now available to purchase on Fandango.

The Incredibles Double Feature in IMAX: On June 13, Incredibles fans can be among the first to experience Incredibles 2 and relive The Incredibles (shown for the first time ever on IMAX screens) at double-feature fan events. In addition to watching the Incredibles 2 two days before it opens nationwide, attendees will receive a commemorative mini-poster. Click here to get tickets.

IMAX at Regal: On June 14, the first 1,000 guests who experience Incredibles 2 in IMAX at Regal Cinemas will receive an exclusive collectible ticket. A poster version of the collectible ticket art will be available to IMAX guests in the Regal Crown Club store. Available while supplies last.

Regal Cinema Incredibles 2 IMAX

Cinemark: Fans who see Incredibles 2 in Cinemark XD opening weekend will receive a collectible poster. Available while supplies last.

Incredibles 2 Cinemark poster giveaway

Alamo Drafthouse: As part of the advanced ticketing promotion, at Alamo Drafthouse you can add an exclusive Incredibles 2 glass by Mondo to your ticket purchase. Fans also have the chance to purchase a one-of-a-kind sketchbook, both designed by artist Dave Perillo. Click here to get tickets.

Fandango: Each fan buying tickets to Incredibles 2 on Fandango will receive a gift-with-purchase. Guests can choose from one of two posters available in the Fandango FanShop (Fandango’s movie merchandise marketplace), while supplies last. See site for details.

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