Edna Mode Poster Highlights New York Fashion Week & Other Creative ‘Incredibles 2’ Posters

Check out this group of Incredibles 2 posters which have been popping up online and in advertisements in the streets of New York and other locations.
Incredibles 2 Posters

As the Summer release date for Incredibles 2 gets closer (only four months away on June 15, 2018), coverage will, of course, continue to ramp up. Over the last few days, Pixar and others have begun highlighting a few new posters which have popped up on bus advertisement panels, movie theaters, and more.

Spotted near the New York Fashion Week festivities (February 8-14) is our favorite poster of the bunch with Edna Mode saying, “It’s been too long, Dahlings.” The bold red lipstick against the simple black and white imagery really stands out and is perfect to sell Edna’s high-fashion influence. That being said, you also can’t deny the simplicity of Mr. Incredible ironing his super-suit with the tagline “Suit up”.

Updated Feb 12 – Pixar has officially released a new poster with the tagline “Back to Work” featuring Mrs. Incredible’s suit in a laundry basket. On Facebook, it also included the cute tagline, “Don’t mix your delicates with your indestructible.”

You can also check out the TV Spots advertising the upcoming preview during the Olympics in our post, here.

Incredibles 2 Laundry Poster

Updated Feb 13 – In preparations for tomorrow’s special look during the Olympics, Pixar has released another poster with the tagline, “Almost ready”. We are too!

Incredibles 2 Washing Machine

Updated Feb 14 – Pixar released high-resolution photos of all of the three promotional posters geared towards the Olympic preview.

Incredibles 2 Ironing Poster

Finally, we’re not sure of the origins of the graphical posters below, but they look very similar to the official concept artwork created by Eric Tan which Pixar released during the D23 Expo.

(Updated – Confirmed, these additional posters were also created by Eric Tan).

Find a poster online and want to share it with us? Add any artwork or posters you find to the Pixar Post Forum focused on the posters for the film. There are also categories for the trailers/teasers and more, so keep an eye out!

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