‘Incredibles 2’ Toys Coming to McDonald’s Happy Meals in June

For many years, McDonald’s and Disney parted ways regarding their Happy Meal toys – but starting in June, “Incredibles 2 toys will be back!
Incredibles 2 Happy Meal Toys

Fans of McDonald’s Happy Meals will be excited to learn that as of June 2018, Disney has once again partnered with the restaurant chain to offer their toys (Disney and Pixar themed) as part of their meals.

But, these are not the same Happy Meals that put a wedge between the companies years back. McDonald’s has been working over the years to offer healthier options than they have in the past and is also looking at the portion sizes they provide.

The McDonald’s nutrition guidelines for their Happy Meals (as of June) will be in line with Disney’s standards, so what better way to re-introduce the partnership than by launching with a line of exclusive toys from Incredibles 2.

We can’t wait to see which characters will be included and what actions the toys will have. Later in the fall, the line will continue with Wreck-It Ralph 2 toys and the future will include toys from other Pixar, Disney, Disney Live-Action, Marvel, and Star Wars films.

McDonald’s recent “Commitment to Families” announcement is the latest in a series of customer-led changes that created new global nutrition criteria for Happy Meals, which will reduce calories, saturated fat, sodium, and added sugar in many Happy Meal combinations. You can read more about the health standards and partnership in Disney’s official press release.

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