Watch 6 ‘Coco’ Clips – Go Behind-the-Scenes and Explore New Footage

Watch several new clips from the upcoming film, Coco. Including a 5-minute behind-the-story peek with the filmmakers.
Coco Clips and Interviews

Pixar’s Coco is a story that is rich in family, tradition, and of course, music. Whether it’s Miguel’s strong-willed Abuelita, photos on an ofrenda, or even strumming a tune on an imaginary guitar, each of these key points are highlighted in these newly released Coco clips below (and there are a lot of exciting new clips).

In addition, Oh My Disney was on-hand at Pixar Animation Studios speaking with the filmmakers about Coco, where they shared some behind-the-scenes information in the roughly 5-minute long sneak peek.

The final clips below feature actor, Gael Garcia Bernal (the voice of Hector) as he appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The duo share laughs about the film and even discuss the celebration of Dia de los Muertos.

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