Breaking Box Office Records ‘Coco’ Becomes Top Grossing Film of All-Time in Mexico

Pixar’s Coco becomes biggest film of all-time in Mexico.
Coco Top Grossing Film in Mexico

Grab your guitar, it’s time for a celebration as Pixar’s nineteenth feature film, Coco has already started to break records, and it has yet to hit theaters domestically.

Opening the 15th Annual Morelia International Film Festival (October 20) and widely released throughout Mexico on October 27, Coco has continued to ‘wow’ audiences grossing an estimated total of $43.1 Million, making Coco the biggest film of all time in Mexico.

Coco’s incredible performance (on its 20th theatrical day run) surpassed the record for ticket sales that was previously held by The Avengers. Director Lee Unkrich noted in a past interview that the film is a “love letter to Mexico,” and releasing the film three-and-a-half weeks ahead of the U.S. domestic release was a bold but beautiful move.

Coco hits U.S. theaters on November 22 and currently has a 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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