Coco’s Hollywood Premiere – Photo & Video Wrap-up

Pixar’s Coco had its Hollywood Premiere at the historic El Capitan Theater on Nov 8 – view photos and video here.
Coco Hollywood Premiere

Whether it’s the blue carpet for Finding Dory, the green carpet for Brave, or the golden marigold petals which lined the streets for Coco, Pixar pulls out all the stops for the Hollywood Premiere. Held at the iconic El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles, everyone from the filmmakers to vocal talent, to celebrities were on hand to experience the family-driven film first hand.

To kick off the event, Oh My Disney held a live stream of the red carpet (video embedded below) and it was great to get a peek at the event.

John Lasseter was on hand looking dapper as ever with his signature Hawaiian shirt (Coco-themed of course) along with a matching necktie and pocket square. Lee Unkrich, Darla K. Anderson, and Adrian Molina jumped in when host Alexys Gabrielle was chatting with composer, Michael Giacchino to share their love of working together.

All-in-all the red carpet was not only a visual stunner but the themed entertainment and talent really made the event stand out as a one-of-a-kind celebration for the film.

The audience reactions to the film have been incredible with Twitter user “LoCalSplash” (Updated: Account no longer active) stating, “#PixarCoco is the best DisneyPixar film I have ever seen. What a wonderful film from start to finish!”. The incredible love that audiences have shared about the film is overwhelmingly positive and truly shows what a special film this is.


A nice gem also came from Pixar’s Instagram Story as they revealed John Ratzenberger’s character name in the film — Juan Ortodoncia (which translates to orthodontics — very interesting).

We know from our interview with Lee Unkrich that he only has one line in the movie, but he’s an Easter Egg in his own right in Pixar films and we’re always happy to hear what his character’s name is.

John Ratzenberger Coco Easter Egg

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