Beautiful New ‘Coco’ Footage Showcases Miguel’s Strong-Willed Abuelita

Beautiful new Coco footage released on Grandparents Day showcases Miguel’s strong-willed Abuelita.
Coco Happy Grandparent's Day

This past weekend, Pixar released a short Coco-themed video coinciding with the celebration of Grandparent’s Day. Grandparents are often the anchors of a family, and in Coco, you’ll journey with Miguel to visit multiple generations of strong-willed and determined grandparents – both living and in the Land of the Dead.

In the new 30-second clip, you’ll see Miguel interacting with his Abuelita as Mama Coco (Miguel’s great-grandmother) sits nearby. As you watch the footage below, be sure to immerse yourself into the beautiful music as well as get mesmerized by the stunning lighting and camera techniques used in the scenes.

Share your thoughts on Coco with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post ForumCoco hits theaters on October 27 in Mexico and November 22 in the United States.

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