On Course To Cursed – The Latest ‘Coco’ Trailer Raises The Stakes for Miguel (Join us to Discuss the Trailer Tonight)

In the new trailer for Pixar’s Coco, we learn some new stakes – that you can fade in the land of the dead and meet some new characters.

The stakes have officially been raised for the characters in Pixar’s upcoming release, Coco. The new full-length trailer starts with a quiet moment between Miguel and the neighborhood dog, Dante, but quickly turns to a fast-paced trailer thrust into the land of the dead packed with music and a heavy undertone.

If there’s one thing Pixar tackles brilliantly, it’s the topic of being remembered. Whether Woody battles with his immortality in the Toy Story franchise or Bing Bong contemplates playing with Riley one more time in, Inside Out.

Painting a rather sad image featured in the new trailer is a scene where Hector explains to Miguel that to stay in the land of the dead, you’ll need someone in the land of the living to remember you, if not you simply disappear.

The trailer does a fantastic job with the storytelling of Coco, as it continues to weave through previously released scenes (including one from the short, Dante’s Lunch) allowing you to familiarize yourself with Miguel’s personal struggle.

At time-mark 1:26, is when several new scenes, characters, and story details emerge from this fantastic film. This also marks the first time we’ve seen a detailed look at Miguel’s great-great-grandfather and musical idol, Ernesto de la Cruz in the land of the dead – who shares a rather poignant message, “One cannot deny, who one is meant to be.”

From the stunning new architecture, the incredible clothing on the skeleton figures to the fierce presence of Mamá Imelda’s spirit guide, Pepita – there is just so much to discuss, including the song choice for the trailer (which you can listen to below).

Be sure to join us tonight as we discuss all this and more (including some tidbits we learned from the studio during the Coco press event) during our YouTube Live event, details below.

Discuss the New Trailer with Us LIVE 

Join us tonight, September 13 at 10:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM PT to discuss and break down the latest trailer on our special YouTube Live event. Watch directly on YouTube or watch along here (with the embedded video below).

We’ll also compile your feedback to discuss during our live event as well, so leave a comment below (or on the video), chat about Coco in the Pixar Post Forum, or tweet us @ThePixarPost and we may share your thoughts!

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UPDATED: The song in the trailer is Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. You can listen to the song on Apple Music, Amazon, or Spotify.

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