Coco News: Sample Three Songs From The Upcoming Film and Soundtrack

Check out three 30-second clips of lyric-based songs in Pixar’s upcoming film, Coco. Listen here.
Coco Character Art

If you’re a fan of Pixar and follow our website frequently, you probably already know that Coco centers around Miguel’s passion for music despite his family’s generations-old ban on the art form.

With music being such a central part of the film, we can expect to hear an amazing blend of the score (by Michael Giacchino) and highly-authentic original songs which will assist the characters in supplementing the story of the film.

As Entertainment Weekly revealed today (with the exclusive release of three 30-second clips), although this may sound like a musical, it isn’t in the traditional sense. Rather than characters randomly singing during emotional or key moments, the music numbers will be held during a talent show or during one of Ernesto de la Cruz’s famous renditions of his hit song, “Remember Me.”

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Listen to the sample of the clips below, or head to EW for more details. The full soundtrack will hit shelves on November 10 — you can pre-order now on Amazon (info below).

From EW — The first: “Remember Me,” which you’ll quickly come to know as the signature song of Bratt’s character Ernesto de la Cruz and perhaps the film itself. Why is it so catchy? The bolero ranchero-style song (an homage to the Mexican Corrido style folk ballad of the ‘20s and ‘30s) is written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the Oscar-winning team behind Frozen.

From EW — Second: “Un Poco Loco,” (A Little Crazy or Kinda Crazy) is a delightful tune that Miguel and Hector find themselves performing on the fly at a talent show in the Land of the Dead. Written by Germaine Franco (Dope, Shovel Buddies) with lyrics by Coco’s co-director/screenwriter Adrian Molina, the son jarocho-style song pulls in indigenous, African, and Spanish musical elements. 

From EW — Finally, take a listen to “The World Es Mi Familia,” (The World is my Family) a Huapango-inspired song (once again written by Franco and Molina) which Miguel sings in a bid to capture the attention of Ernesto de la Cruz. Spoiler: He gets it.

Which song did you enjoy the most — we loved the style and story behind “The World Es Mi Familia”. This gets us more excited for the soundtrack than ever before. With the inclusion of lyric-based songs, this will be the closest soundtrack to Toy Story or Brave with their iconic songs “You’ve Got a Friend In Me”, or “Touch The Sky”.

Will Coco‘s soundtrack follow suit? We’ll find out on November 10 — pre-order on Amazon below.

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