Mr. Incredible, Heimlich, Woody & More Pixar Favorites Reimagined as Beautifully Designed ‘Cars’ Characters

What would Dory, Carl Fredricksen, or Woody look like if they were a real-life car – and designed like a “Cars” film character? Take a look.
Toy Story Woody as a Cars character

With Cars 3 still revving up the big screen, the UK-based ClickMechanic wanted to explore what some of our favorite Pixar characters would look like if they were reimagined as real cars — but still encompassing the signature Cars film look.

When the innovative online auto repair website (connecting car owners in need of repairs with reputable mechanics) wanted to design the vehicles, they reached out to NeoMam Studios to craft the Cars.

We recently communicated with Joe Kiely from NeoMam Studios about their design process and how the ideas started flowing — we loved the images and creativity so much, we wanted to share them.

Which is your favorite? We love the design of Heimlich (Bi-Articulated Bus) with the “I’m a beautiful butterfly” destination text and Carl Fredricksen (Ford Super Deluxe) with his signature grumpy scowl. 

How did the idea get started?

At NeoMam we’re massive Pixar fans so when we sat down to brainstorm content ideas for our client we immediately started talking about Cars 3 because ClickMechanic is in the automotive sector.

We got caught up in a discussion about the characters and suddenly we were talking about all the other Pixar movies we love. That’s when the idea hit us: we wanted to bring all these other Pixar characters into the world of Cars.

How long did it take and what software was used to craft the cars?

The production took us exactly 31 working days, so the team spent 6 full weeks working on this project – from concept to final design.

The first step was to choose the characters we wanted to work with and from there we had to pair them with a vehicle that we felt was a good fit, based on their personalities and their looks. The design stage took 3 full weeks and we worked with Photoshop to create the cars.

Be sure to check out the full lineup directly on ClickMechanic’s website (list below).

  1. Woody (Ford F100)
  2. Buzz Lightyear (Infinity Q30)
  3. Mr. Incredible (Land Rover Discovery LR4)
  4. Heimlich (Bi-Articulated Bus)
  5. Dory (Plymouth Prowler)
  6. Carl Fredricksen (Ford Super Deluxe)
  7. Edna Mode (Fiat 500)
  8. Wall-E (Google Self-Driving Car)

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