Pixar’s Experimental Shorts Program Release First Images of ‘Smash and Grab’

Pixar’s experimental shorts program release its first images of ‘Smash and Grab’.
Smash and Grab Screencap

Back in late May, it was revealed that Pixar Animation Studios was experimenting with a new storytelling initiative set to create short films within the studio without executive oversight – allowing filmmakers to explore their creative visions and increase studio opportunities.

The division’s first short film, Smash and Grab (no broad release date set) will be showcased during SIGGRAPH 2017, where the filmmakers will share their six-month journey of creating the seven-minute short, including the new and creative techniques used in the film.

Recently, technical artist/producer David Lally tweeted a few images from the film (UPDATED – the tweet has since been removed) – which highlight a sci-fi backdrop.

The SIGGRAPH presentation titled, ‘Smash and Grab: Off-The-Rails’ will include director Brian Larsen (Head of Story on Piper and Director of The Legend of Mor’du), Vincent Serritella, Jason Kim, David Lally, Farhez Rayani, and Matthew Silas.

Smash and Grab Robot pixar

SIGGRAPH 2017 will take place July 30-August 3, where we are sure to learn more about Smash and Grab and the incredible work completed by the filmmakers involved in this new experimental division.

Pixar Animation Studios will also be on-hand for several other panels and discussions including talks on the technical challenges that the filmmakers faced on Lou and Cars 3.

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