This LAVA Uku & Lele Cosbaby From "Hot Toys" May be the Most Adorable Pixar Collectible

Is this Lava-themed Cosbaby featuring Uku and Lele from the short, the most adorable Pixar collectible to date? Read more.
Uku and Lele toy from Lava

From its soothing introduction, as you soar over the Hawaiian islands, to the beautiful love story between Uku and Lele, Lava is about love. The adorable and poignant joining of the main characters (along with a soothing song) is what drew so many fans to connect with the short film on a personal level. Written and directed by long-time Pixar employee, James Ford Murphy, Lava is simply one of Pixar’s most serene short films to date.

UPDATE – We have uploaded our complete video unboxing and review here – check it out.

To celebrate the short film, the loving-duo will be produced as a Hot Toys Cosbaby collectible, and the attention to detail is wonderful. Not only is the lush greenery of the characters represented with a soft flocked finish, but the box will also play a short clip of the song when opened — how neat.

Note that Hot Toys does clarify that this is a prototype shown and the final product may vary slightly.

The official description from the Hot Toys website is below.

With mind-blowing responses after the release of the musical short film, Hot Toys is pleased to introduce the LAVA Uku and Lele Cosbaby featuring the two main characters in LAVA. The LAVA Uku and Lele Cosbaby portrays the scene where the couple finally meets each other. Standing about 3″ tall and 4.5″ in width, it comes in a gift box (7″ W x 5.1″ L x 4.3″ D) with a music function featuring an excerpt from the LAVA original soundtrack and a LAVA themed backdrop.

Uku and Lele toy from Lava

First seen over a year ago on a Cosbaby display and catalog, we were excited to finally learn additional details regarding the collectible (thanks to our reader, earth2geek, for the heads up). According to Hot Toys, Uku & Lele will be available to order as of (approximately) the fourth quarter of 2017 through the first quarter of 2018. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear when it will go on sale or if pricing information is released.

What do you think about the figure — are you glad it’s finally being produced?

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