‘Cars 3’ Races to the Top of the Weekend Box Office

Cars 3 takes the number one spot at the weekend box office.
Cars 3 Box Office Results

Racing to the top spot at the box office this weekend was Pixar’s 18th feature film, Cars 3. As Lighting McQueen’s racing world is turned upside-down with the arrival of the next generation racers, he along with newcomer Cruz Ramirez prove that #95 will always be a part of the racing world – in a pleasantly heartfelt ending.

Box Office Mojo is reporting that the third film in the Cars World franchise delivered just over $53.5 Million (domestic) and another $21 million internationally.

If you recall, the original Cars film (released in 2006) had domestic opening weekend earnings of just over $60 Million, while Cars 2 (released in 2011) made $66 Million on its opening weekend. For us, Cars 3 is already making its victory lap as we enjoyed the film immensely (having watched it 3-times opening weekend) and we look forward to the continued box office success in the upcoming months.


June 16 (Friday) – Official Release date – $19.5 Million
June 17-18 – Opening Weekend – $34 Million (domestic) and another $21 Million (international)

Domestic Total – $53.5 Million
Worldwide Total – $74.8 Million

Congratulations again to the entire Cars 3 and Pixar team for their hard work in bringing this brilliant film to life and if you haven’t yet, read our full review of the film – then be sure to head to the Pixar Post Forum and share your Cars 3 review with other Pixar fans.

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