Dave Mullins, Director of ‘Lou’ Named a Top Animator to Watch in 2017

Dave Mullins was recently honored as one of Variety’s top animators to watch in 2017. Read more and view screen captures from Pixar’s Lou.
Dave Mullins Variety Top Animator

Dave Mullins, the director of the short film, Lou, was recently honored by Variety when he was chosen as one of their top animators to watch in 2017. When you hear “top people to watch” you may think of freshman animators (Dave has been with Pixar since 2000), but the list is actually geared towards those who are poised to make a big splash in the industry throughout the year.

Lou is poised to make a wave as its title character, Lou is instantly lovable, fun and somehow there and not there all at the same time (you’ll understand what we’re saying when you see it).

Dave Mullins Pixar
Mullins and many of the other 10-to-watch recipients at the 3rd annual event (Via Dave’s Twitter)

Dave’s work on the short is definitely felt throughout the film as the base of the project is rooted in his personal story. When he was young, Dave moved homes frequently and it left him feeling like an outsider since he was always entering new schools.

This could make some kids turn into a bully, but for Mullins, it made him feel kind of invisible. J.J., the film’s bully is rough around the edges because he wants to be accepted but doesn’t know how to redirect his issues properly — until he meets the “invisible” Lou.

Congratulations to Dave for garnering this amazing honor — it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy who clearly put his heart and soul into this project. Congratulations as well to the brilliant Lou crew on their hard work and dedication! You can catch Lou in theaters alongside Cars 3 on June 16, 2017, in North America. We bet you’re going to love it!

View the entire list of animators who received this honor on Variety’s site.

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