‘Cars 3’ Japanese Trailer Features Exciting New Footage & "Last Chance" 30-Second Facebook Teaser

The first all-new international trailer (Japan) has been released (titled “Last Chance”) with all new footage from Cars 3 – watch the teasers here.
Cars 3 Japanese Trailer

Over the weekend, the first international trailer (from Japan) was released (uploaded to OneMedia YouTube channel) and features new footage not seen in any of the prior domestic or international releases. Additionally, at Noon on Saturday (May 6), the official Cars Facebook page released a 30-second teaser titled “Last Chance” which features lightning-fast edits (with actual lightning). If you’re dodging spoilers, you’ll want to avoid watching the teasers or reading any further in this post.

Among the two new clips, we spotted Rusty and Dusty (pictured above), a primed-and-ready-for-paint Lightning McQueen, and even a very intriguing look at Cruz Ramirez — wait, is she seen with Rust-Eze sponsorships (as seen in a freeze-frame from the “Last Chance” teaser below)? Wow is all we can say — June 16, 2017, can’t get here fast enough!

You can view the Facebook 30-second teaser, here.

In the screenshots below you can see Cruz (top photo from the International trailer) in what appears to be a sprayed-on bolt and #2.0, while the “Last Chance” teaser shows a brief image of Cruz on the track with #95 and a Ruse-Eze sponsorship — very interesting. Which video did you like more? Leave a comment below or chat about it with other fans on the Pixar Post Forum page dedicated to Cars 3.

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