Want to Enjoy A Lightning Berry Smoothie? Check Out These Recipes Inspired by ‘Cars 3’ & "Fuel Up With Dole" (Video)

Check out this selection of Cars 3 inspired recipes from Dole on National Eat More Fruit and Vegetables Day.
Cars 3 Smoothies

Did you know that today (May 25) is National Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day? In the spirit of the event, Dole has partnered with Disney and Pixar to share five recipes inspired by Cars 3 and to kick off the “Fuel Up with Dole” campaign.

The event is a summer-long celebration of healthy family vacations and road trips featuring a summer photo contest with the Grand Prize of a personalized, 10-day healthy family RV road trip to any destination in the U.S. or Canada.

Lightning Berry Cars Smoothie

If you’ve attended any of the Cars 3 Road to the Races events touring across America, you may have already sampled one of Dole’s delicious smoothies inspired by Lightning McQueen or Cruz Ramirez. But, if the tour didn’t stop near you, now you can try all the recipes right at home.

  • “Lightning Berry Smoothie” inspired by Lightning McQueen, the Piston-Cup champion who’s faced with a new and faster generation of racers.
  •  “Pineapple Pit Stop Smoothie” inspired by Cruz Rameriz, the tech-savvy trainer who wants to help #95 find his way back to the top.
  • “Crunchy Banana Roll” inspired by Jackson Storm, who is fast, sleek, ready to win and a frontrunner in the next generation of racers.
  • “Buffalo Bites with Pineapple and Chicken” inspired by Smokey, the former crew chief and mentor of the Fabulous Hudson Hornet.
  • “Romaine Mandarin Oranges and Avocado Salad” inspired by Miss Fritter, who loves the smash-and-crash life of demolition derby. 
Cruz Ramirez Pineapple Pitstop Smoothie

Because we were so excited to test the two smoothie recipes, we held an impromptu YouTube Live to try out both flavors. Ultimately, T.J. loved the Pineapple Pit Stop flavor and said it was one of his favorite smoothies of all time. Julie enjoyed the Lightning Berry flavor more. Watch our live video on our YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell so you get notifications when we upload videos!

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