‘Cars 3’ 30-Second Film Clip – Lightning & Cruz Train to Win (and the Reveal of Hamilton – Cruz’s Voice Assistant)

In this new 30-second Cars 3 film clip, we get our first introduction to Hamilton…the voice command assistant voiced by F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton.
Cars 3 Lewis Hamilton

In less than one month, you’ll be able to catch Lightning, Cruz, and the whole gang on the big screen (June 16, 2017, in North America).

While you wait, check out this fantastic 30-second film clip which was released to highlight the return of Lewis Hamilton and to give a sneak peek at his inclusion in the film. The three-time Formula 1 champion driver previously voiced the self-titled World Grand Prix racer (shown below) and has returned to the vocal booth to bring life to “Hamilton” in Cars 3.

Cars 2 Lewis Hamilton

So, who is Hamilton? He’s a fully loaded, built-in voice command assistant and is just one of the many tools in Cruz Ramirez’s training arsenal. When Lightning McQueen takes his training off-road, Cruz enlists Hamilton’s help to keep the struggling racer on track.

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