Additional Cars 3 Profiles: Shannon Spokes, Ramone’s New Paint Job & More

In this set of new Cars 3 character profiles, we get our first look at Shannon Spokes, Ramone’s new paint job and more.
Cars 3 Character Profiles Art

In the upcoming Cars 3, Lightning McQueen tries to speed back into the racing world with the help of an eager young race technician, Cruz Ramirez. The story takes you on many unexpected turns, filled with laughter, suspense, and of course a slew of new characters.

With the addition of modern-day racers, RSN reporters, racing legends, and demolition derby vehicles – the world of Cars has grown substantially. If you’re hoping to see a few familiar faces in Cars 3, don’t worry cameos are plentiful with many original Cars characters taking on new job titles as the racing industry continues to evolve. See below to read a few new character profiles:

Cars 3 Shannon Spokes Character Art

Shannon Spokes
Voiced by Shannon Spake of Fox Sports appears in automotive form as Shannon Spokes, a track reporter for the Racing Sports Network.

Cars 3 Cal Weathers Character Art

Cal Weathers
Voiced by Kyle Petty, son of Richard and grandson of NASCAR pioneer Lee, Cal Weathers shares Lightning’s wariness of the young generation. Unlike McQueen, he may not be out to beat them.

Cars 3 The King Character Art

Strip “The King” Weathers
The Petty Blue Plymouth Superbird, voiced by King Richard himself, returns for an appearance, this time as crew chief for his nephew, Cal Weathers.

Cars 3 Chick Hicks Character Art

Chick Hicks
Hicks, McQueen’s Regalesque antagonist in the first film, makes another appearance. Bob Peterson takes over the character’s voice duties from Michael Keaton.

Cars 3 Ramone Character Art

Cheech Marin’s ’59 Chevy once again rolls low and slow on the streets of Radiator Springs.

Cars 3 The Legends Character Art

Racing Legends
As we previously posted, Lighting McQueen connects with racing roots as he chats with (from top left) Smokey, River Scott, Junior “Midnight” Moon, and Louise “Barnstormer” Nash – all inspired by legends of NASCAR.

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