A Real-Life Dug from ‘Up’ Premieres in New Digital Series – Disney IRL (In Real Life)

In this Disney In Real Life (IRL) video, we watch as people are shocked as Dug, the dog from Pixar’s “Up” talks to them in real life!
Dug in Real Life from Up

In one of the cutest videos we’ve seen in a long time, a real-life version of Dug (from Up) surprises people in the park by wandering up to them — but then shocks them further when he begins to talk to them. In the new Disney digital series titled, “Disney IRL (in real life)”, long-time Pixar employee, Bob Peterson (who voiced Dug in the film), reprises his role by ad-libbing conversations with people through Dug’s special collar — as expected, hilarity (and adorable moments) ensue.

Of all of Dug’s lines, we cracked up the most when he said, “I like your gray shirt, tiny human“. Of course, the child in the video is wearing a red shirt, but since dogs are color blind, Dug thinks his shirt is gray (like the ending of Up when he’s counting gray cars). Check out the video below.

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