Birth. Movies. Death Magazine Releases Their First Pixar-Themed Issue

Alamo Drafthouse to release their first Pixar Issue of Birth. Movies. Death today May 26, 2016
Pixar Alamo draft house magazine

The ever-popular Alamo Drafthouse cinemas are known for creating a special theater-going experience with their state-of-the-art audio and video technology to a full-service menu for guests to enjoy. But, did you know that you can bring a piece of the Alamo Drafthouse home with you? The cinema has created its own version of a movie magazine titled, Birth. Movies. Death. (found in each of the Alamo Drafthouse locations).

Unlike more mainstream film magazines, Birth. Movies. Death focuses on one main theme – such as the recent issue of Captain America: Civil War. Well, Pixar fans get ready to rejoice as the first Pixar-themed issue is currently available (via MondoTees) along with a companion sketchbook ($6.00 USD each), as announced by Oh My DisneyBirth. Movies. Death editor-in-chief Devin Faraci sat down with Oh My Disney for an exclusive interview revealing their excitement for the release of their upcoming Pixar issue.

“We realized that Pixar’s first movie, Toy Story, came out 21 years ago,” Faraci said. “When we did that math it became clear that there is a generation of young adults who are smart, informed, and literate film fans who also came of age watching Pixar films. We thought it was high time someone wrote for them.” Inside the magazine, Faraci promises an embarrassment of riches (especially for Disney•Pixar diehards).

“You’ll find everything from a personal examination of growing up with the Toy Story trilogy, a detail-oriented look at Easter eggs in Pixar films, a deep interview with Finding Dory director and OG Pixar staffer Andrew Stanton, a loving appreciation of the Cars films and a heartbreaking look at UP and the pain of letting go.” Plus, Faraci adds, “Tons of incredible, gorgeous art!”

Pixar Alamo draft house magazine

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