"Totally Sick" New ‘Finding Dory’ Clips, Easter Eggs and New International Trailer

Check out these great Finding Dory clips (“Totally Sick” and “Meet Hank” which premiered as part of the ABC re-airing of Finding Nemo on May 25.
Finding Dory International trailer

Yesterday evening (May 25), ABC televised a special presentation of Finding Nemo along with a special look at the June 17 release of Finding Dory. In case you missed the clip which aired during the special or just want to watch it again, below is the first one-minute clip (titled “Totally Sick“) that was featured (additional clips, international trailers, and Easter Eggs below).

After the “Totally Sick” clip aired, it was revealed that searching for “Finding Dory” on Google would reveal an additional exclusive clip. The 38-second “Meet Hank” clip shows additional footage of Hank and Dory’s first meeting at the Marine Life Institute.

What’s intriguing about the Google search is that this is the first time a film has utilized this experimental tool in Google Search and Disney•Pixar will continue to debut exclusive content from Finding Dory throughout the release window, including clips, featurettes, and videos featuring talent from the film — keep searching for Dory every day!

In addition to the new clips, a group of new International trailers has been released which have a few moments of previously unseen footage. Below is the latest Australian trailer  — To view even more TV spots and International trailers, head to the Pixar Post Forum.


Two new Easter Eggs were recently spotted in Finding Dory clips which highlight Pixar’s short films. In the “Meet Hank” clip above, we caught a glimpse of a magnet in the Marine Life Institute featuring Uku (main character) from Lava.

Finding Dory Lava Easter Egg

Additionally, Steven B. (forum user The Polish Gent) spotted a Piper reference in a Kellogg’s cereal commercial which showed a brief clip. Piper is the short film that will premiere ahead of Finding Dory in theaters and you can see the title character — aptly named, Piper — in a poster on the wall behind Hank and Dory.

Finding Dory Piper

Be sure to check out even more Easter Eggs, TV Spots, and International Trailers in the Finding Dory Pixar Post Forum.

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