Getting Geeky With ‘Finding Dory’ – Numbers & Fun Facts

Check out this collection of Finding Dory fun facts – focused on the numbers of the film!
Finding Dory fun facts

In terms of entertainment value, there are not many things better than a Pixar film to tickle your funny bone, tug at your heartstrings and captivate your mind. Well, to satisfy your inner-geek and to get you ready for Finding Dory (in theaters June 17), we wanted to pass along some numbers surrounding the fishy-flick. Read all about the fun facts below and let us know which one surprised you the most by leaving a comment below or chatting about even more Dory-related fun facts in the Pixar Post Forum.

289,240,840 – Key animation frames were created for the film. A key animation frame defines pivotal points of motion in a sequence.

25,115,597 – (as of May 27) – Likes on Facebook for Dory (the most of any Disney or Pixar character).

103,639 – Total storyboards were delivered to editorial (49,651 were delivered for “Toy Story 3”).

26,705 – Individual pieces of coral were placed in six sets by the sets dressing team.

16,091 – Fish are swimming in the Open Ocean exhibit at the Marine Life Institute.

11,041 – Rigging prims were created just for Hank’s simulation (the average character requires around 20).

Finding Dory stingray migration concept art

5,000 – Stingrays take part in the stingray migration.

1,108 – Fish are in quarantine at the Marine Life Institute.

746 – Visitors are hanging out at the Marine Life Institute.

350 – Suckers are found on Hank: 50 suckers on each of his seven arms.

319 – Tendrils were added to each sea anemone in the ocean.

118 – Weeks were required of the team of technical directors who were responsible for building and articulating Hank.

83 – Employees of the Marine Life Institute appear in the film.

51 – Minutes of the film include crowds characters (which is more than double that of an average Pixar film).

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